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Elizabeth  Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson

University of Pennsylvania

The Wharton School

Elizabeth (Zab) Johnson is the executive director and senior fellow of the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative. Her research focuses on vision and visual behavior, spanning physiological approaches in the retina and early visual cortex to using eye tracking to investigate how human observers look and navigate through the world, how these processes unfold over time and with experience, and the role of visually-guided social cognition and decision-making. As an expert on color vision, she has collaborated with Lenovo to develop computer and tablet screens with features that provide a more personalized color experience. Before coming to Penn in 2016, she spent 14 years at Duke University, where she was on the faculty in the Neurobiology Department and served as the Associate Director of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences. Zab has a long-time interest in how our perception of visual art informs how we see.
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