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Gary  Hatfield

Gary Hatfield

University of Pennsylvania

School of Arts and Sciences

Gary Hatfield is Seybert Professor of Philosophy and Director of Penn’s Visual Studies program. Visual Studies at Penn combines vision science, history of art (and related fields), and fine arts/design. He received his doctorate in History of Science/Philosophy/Psychology from the University of Wisconsin--Madison in 1979, then taught at Harvard and Johns Hopkins before coming to Penn in 1987. He has directed dissertations in history of philosophy, philosophy of psychology, and philosophy and history of science. He has long been fascinated by visual perception and the mind–body problem. In 1990, he published The Natural and the Normative: Theories of Spatial Perception from Kant to Helmholtz (MIT Press). In 2009, Perception and Cognition: Essays in the Philosophy of Psychology appeared from the Clarendon Press. A revised version of his book on Descartes’ Meditations appeared in 2014. In 2012, a volume co-edited with the psychologist Sarah Allred was published by Oxford, Visual Experience: Sensation, Cognition, and Constancy.
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