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George  Christopoulos

George Christopoulos

Nanyang Technological University

In my lab, we use neuroscience (physiology, facial eletcromyography, EEG, fMRI), experiments, virtual reality and observational methods to study Aesthetics with respect to the following dimensions: (i) deeper beliefs about beauty and how they affect consumption of cosmetics (ii) how culture and cultural symbols (statues, images, buildings) affect emotions as well aesthetic and other judgments (iii) how the sensory experience affects aesthetic judgments (iv) how the outcome of social interactions - like competition / cooperation - influence aesthetic judgments (v) how the built environment – especially indoor offices – affect performance. Besides pure academic research, we also collaborate with industry (such as cosmetics companies) to understand how consumers choose and use cosmetics and skincare products. We focus on the vast Asian market. We also build databases of facial stimuli (for instance with different make up styles) and try new methods (wearable tech and virtual reality). I hold a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from University of Cambridge and I am currently an Assistant Professors at NTU, Singapore.
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