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Ian  Verstegen

Ian Verstegen

University of Pennsylvania

School of Arts and Sciences

Ian Verstegen is the Associate Director of Visual Studies. He is the author of Arnheim, Gestalt and Art: A Psychological Theory (2005), A Realist Theory of Art History (2013) and Cognitive Iconology: When and How Psychology Explains Images (2014), and has edited volumes on the Della Rovere family (2007) and the American philosopher Maurice Mandelbaum (2010). Verstegen’s current writing and teaching are focused on the picture and its special characteristics. He has recently published a volume on the Italian Renaissance painter Federico Barocci (Federico Barocci and the Oratorians) and edited a volume on the New Materialism (The Art of the Real, with Roger Rothman). Current writing projects center on Rudolf Arnheim’s media theory and the Vienna School of Art History.
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