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Michael  Platt

Michael Platt

University of Pennsylvania

School of Arts and Sciences

Michael Platt is the James S. Riepe University Professor of Neuroscience in the Perelman School of Medicine, Psychology in the School of Arts and Sciences, and Marketing in the Wharton School. Platt and his team ask big questions to find big answers that will help us improve health and well-being, enhance business, and build a better society. They are developing new and deeper understanding of how our brains shape how we think and how our lives shape our biology. The team uses a wide array of cutting-edge techniques including behavioral analysis, eye-tracking, mobile EEG and mobile eye-tracking, biometrics including heart rate and GSR, brain imaging, genomics, epigenomics, brain recordings, brain stimulation, TMS, optogenetics, and pharmacology. His principle questions focus on the biological mechanisms that underlie decision-making in social environments, the grasp of which has broad-scale implications for improving health and welfare in societies worldwide.
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