Work with us

The PCfN is a diverse interdisciplinary group that only exists because of our partnerships. Unfortunately, our time and resources are limited, but we strive to return all interest inquiries in a timely manner. 


We are recruiting a postdoctoral researcher to join the lab later this year!

We are looking for someone with knowledge of neuroaesthetics/creativity, quantitative & coding skills, and experience with neuroscience methods (especially fMRI). Please email Dr. Chatterjee for more information.

Undergraduate Students

We do not currently have space for more undergraduate students. The earliest we expect to bring in new students is Fall 2025. 

We welcome up to 3 students per year for independent study credit who work on a neuroaesthetics-related research project under the guidance of a postdoc mentor. Students are expected to attend weekly lab meeting in-person and commit approximately 10 hours/week to lab-related work. Our undergraduate students are treated as full-fledged lab members, so we look for students who demonstrate passion and responsibility.

If you are interested in this opportunity, or have a question related to a school project, please email Bella for more information.

Unfortunately we are not able to work with high school students or students outside the Philadelphia area.

PhD students

The PCfN does not accept graduate students. If you are enrolled in a PhD program related to neuroaesthetics and are interested in doing a rotation in our lab, please email Dr. Cardillo and copy your supervisor. 


We are an interdisciplinary lab and always open to the possibility of collaboration. If you feel a partnership with the PCfN could be fruitful, please email Dr. Chatterjee


The PCfN hosts an innovative artist-in-residence program generously funded by the Sachs Program for Arts Innovation Award. Artists participate in lab meeting and discussions related to studies as full members of the lab, facilitating a two-way exchange of ideas. They are given unlimited creative freedom to produce a piece or pieces inspired by this experience. 

Our current artists-in-residence are Lucas Kelly and Judith Schaechter. We are not able to work with new artists at this time.